The Maldives has the most beautiful tropical scenery, graceful coconut palms leaning over crystal-clear lagoons, coral reefs promising great snorkelling and scuba diving, and lots of sunshine. In fact, all the ingredients that make up the classic desert island.

A unique feature of the resorts in the Maldives is that each resort is a separate island - this is hard to believe. But, fortunately Maldives has more than ,1000 (one thousand) separate islands, including inhabited, uninhabited and resorts. Thus today Maldives has more than 90 resort ISLANDS. One thing common, natural and unique of these islands are that each of the island has a reef surrounding the island which is full of marine fish and fauna, a lagoon for you to swim around as much as you could, a white sandy beach for you to lie down or play around and abundance of trees and bushes. In these resort; some offer you a holiday of total relaxation and peace.
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